11 de marzo de 2011

Why to get married in Cancun?

Why to get married in Cancun?

Saying ‘I do” in Mexico is fun and exciting and we make it easy. Travelling alone or with 500 guests we do you proud. We`ll create the wedding of a lifetime with the zest and competence for which we're known. We have the latest info, the savviest contacts and we do all the work.
Cancun and the Riviera Maya are really two separate destinations, each with its own unique venues and ambience. Sites in the Riviera Maya may be as far as two hours from Cancun sowhere you stay matters. Explore both; see which destination calls to you.
Let WHITECHIC weddings&events creat the wedding that captures  your heart and your soul.

Why to choose WHITECHIC wedding&events?

Because we provide an excepcional full service and exquisite attention to all the details managing your wedding, and because our mission is to recreat your wedding dream.
Which are the requiriments for marriage in Cancun?
- Certified copies of both parties' birth certificates or valid passports;
- Blood tests taken within 15 days of the wedding date;
- Tests for sexually transmitted diseases (STD), including HIV;
- A copy of both tourist permits (see "Documentation" above);
- Four witnesses;
- For previous marriages, you will need to show a divorce decree or certified copy of the ex-spouse's death certificate.

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