10 de marzo de 2011


Hi! I would like to introduce my self in this blog, which is not a secret diary , but a space web where we can stay together, write life experiences, advises, ideas and suggestions. Also news, etiquette rules, and all about the passion for the details care.
Our Team was born to give this service, we are passionate people for our work and for each detail. Our minds are always working trying to capture the desires of our customers and this way create the best event with a great organization.
Nowadays we live in a globalized world, where being different or individual has become  an issue. The most important for us is that each event we plan, has to express our customer´s personality, their desires, likes and dreams. There is where a Wedding Planner  arise, to make all your dreams come true!.
As a wedding planner we use mind, heart and soul to create every single event, and we make it magic. We understand fears about a weddings and event such as location ,catering, photographer,  invitations, music and more, that is why we save you money and time. We negotiate with the suppliers, and keep in contact constantly, and this is a great advantage, because a bride just contact the suppliers one time in their live!
WP canalize all your ideas and suggestions you have in your mind,  to recreate them in your Wedding day!
My hope is that my mission meets the target and transmit passionately  all this to my beautiful brides and princess in your great day!!
Ivana Lo Cascio

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